Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program (OINP) — Entrepreneur Stream

Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program (OINP) — Entrepreneur Stream

The Province of Ontario is a famous destination for all business owners and it attracts thousands of investors/business owners every year. The Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program is designed to attract investors/business owners/Management Professionals who wish to start their business or buy an existing business in the province of Ontario .

The OINP entrepreneur Stream has an EOI (Express of Interest) ,through which the Ontario Authorities select the eligible applicants based on Networth, investment, business experience, business plan , Exploratory visit etc. The Authorities then sends ITA to selected applicants and process the case further. Successful applicants will get a TRV support letter based to establish a business in Ontario

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Qualifying Criteria

Program Entrepreneur Stream
Net Worth If businesses is located in  Greater Toronto Area (GTA): CAD $1,500,000
OR If businesses Located outside the GTA: CAD $800,000
OR for businesses in the ICT/Digital Communications sector (Regardless of location)CAD $800,000
Investment CAD $150,000
Business Experience 3 years out of Last 10 years as Business Owner with minimum 33.3% ownership.
OR 5+ Years Sr Management Professional in last 10 years
Business Plan Required
Exploratory Visit Required
English Requirement English/French minimum CLB 4
Job Creation Create 2 Jobs for Canadian Residents
EOI System Yes
Exploratory Visit Required
English Requirement Required
Route to PR Yes

Applicant Process

  1. Prepare Documents related to EOI as Per Checklist of OINP.
  2. Register an online EOI with the OINP.
  3. Prepare an application to the Entrepreneur Stream
  4. Submit a complete online OINP Entrepreneur Stream application, upload all the necessary supporting documents and pay the required application fee.
  5. Attend Interview
  6. Sign a Performance Agreement
  7. Obtain a TRV Support letter from OINP.
  8. Arrive in Ontario on TRV and start business in 20 months

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