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About Skilled Migration to Australia

Subclass 189, 190 & 489 allows an applicant to apply for a Permanent Resident Visa or Provincial Visa under the General Skilled Migration commonly abbreviated as the GSM program. Under this program, Skilled Professionals can get employment and live in Australia for an unrestricted amount of time. Australia Skilled Workers  are also eligible to apply for Australia Citizenship once they can fulfill all the mandatory requirements. The Provincial Visa or the Permanent Resident Visa is a great option available for skilled professionals to pursue a rewarding professional life in Australia and gradually qualify for Australian Citizenship.

What exactly is a general Skilled Immigration Visa?

Well, General Skilled Immigration Visa is certainly issued to people who have special skills and are willing to make their roots firm in Australia. Under the provisions of Australian General Skilled Immigration, it is mandatory for an individual to go through a skill assessment program and justify their qualification, experience, and expertise. The General Skilled Migration is a purely point-based program and those points are awarded based on merit-based on certain parameters like Australian work experience, work experience in other parts of the world, Age, whether studied or lived in Australia before, skills of spouse, Sponsorship from relatives, State Territory Nomination Points. To qualify, a person must secure a minimum of 65 points. Contact us

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Australia Skilled worker visa types:

  • Employer-sponsored visa

In this Skilled Immigration Visa Australia, any legally registered Australian business can sponsor and employ foreign workers. Besides having the Company sponsorship, the immigrants are required to possess the necessary skills or qualifications. Further, the employer-sponsored visa applicant converts to temporary or permanent employment under the Australian Department of Immigration and Citizenship.

Skilled worker visa Australia

  • Business visa

Those looking to set up a new business or work can simply invest in Australia through a business visa. If a particular Australian State shows interest in your particular business, they can offer special sponsorships to the business visa applicant.

  • Other skilled migrants and professional visa or (GSM)

The General Skilled Migration Program (GSM) by the Australian Department of Immigration is meant for the other overseas skilled workers and professionals who do not possess direct sponsorship by the employer. The GSM program comes under subclass 189, 190 & 489 that allows the applicant to apply for a Permanent Resident visa or Provincial visa under the Australian skilled migration.

  • Healthcare professionals visa programs

To address the lasting shortage in nursing, doctors, and other medical professional staff, skilled workers can apply. Even general practice doctors or specialists can apply for this visa type if they possess the required medical qualifications.

Eligibility to Australia Skilled Worker Program

Migrating to Australia through skilled nomination is a points-based visa for skilled professionals. To apply, the applicants must either nominate by a territory or state or sponsored by a relative residing in Australia. The best part of this visa is that family members of the applicant can also be included in the application.

Skilled Immigration Visa Australia comprises the following segments:

  • Expression of Interest process filing
  • The Skill assessment process
  • DIBP application lodging

The initial step to submitting an application for an Australian sponsored visa is to submit an Expression of Interest (EOI).

  • The applicant must have a valid invitation.
  • Age: The applicant must be between 18-50 years when the invitation is issued
  • Education: Meets the skills and qualification requirement as per the relevant skilled occupation list
  • Skill assessment: must meet the specific requirement by the assessing authority in the skills assessment test
  • Language: must meet the language requirements
  • Health requirements: The applicant must be physically fit when assessed in the medical test,

After receiving the invitation to apply, the applicant can further submit the online application within the given time. The information provided in the Expression of Interest must be reflected in the application, and should also be supported by relevant evidence.

Benefits to Skilled Immigration Visa Australia

Immigrating to Australia through a skilled worker program allows the applicants and dependents to temporarily work, study and reside in the permitted Australia’s regional area. Depending on the validity of the visa and certain essential conditions, the applicants can apply to Australian PR (Permanent Residency) through the skilled regional visa.

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