Business Immigration Visa UK

Business Immigration Visa UK

Business immigration is a category of visa immigration for those migrants who wish to move abroad for a foreign business establishment. Business immigration has several subcategories, as an investor, entrepreneur, or a businessman, with all requiring the investment of a fixed amount.

If you are thinking about expanding or relocating your existing business, the UK is the most globalized and business-friendly location. Whether you are a service provider, or a manufacturer of goods, the UK for a business provides everything it needs at hand.

The UK with established trade relationships and the finest supply networks give domestic businesses complete access to every corner of the globe.

Among the certain routes to visit and settle in the UK, the most common is the way of investments. The applicants can apply either for the Tier 1 Entrepreneur visa or the Tier 1 investor visa. However, for those who do not have enough investment amount to apply, going for a sole representative visa is the best option.

Sole Representative Visa

The sole representative overseas business visa offers a convenient way to successfully migrate to the UK. The process allows a senior employee of a company to visit the UK to start a new branch or enhance an existing business commercial presence in the UK. The UK business immigration visa is not valid for a businessman visiting the UK to set up and run a new business.

The sole representative visa allows the applicants to stay in the UK for an initial period of 3 years. further, the applicant can extend the stay by another 2 years on the expiration of the visa. After the applicant completes five years in the UK, they can apply for permanent settlement. However, the applicant may not be able to stay back in the country if the sole representative contract gets terminated by the parent company.

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Sole Representative Visa Requirements

To qualify for a sole representative overseas business visa, the Overseas business visa applicant must meet the specific criteria set up by the UK authorities.

  • The Parent Company must not already have any branch in the UK.
  • Operate the same kind of business as the overseas business.
  • The senior employee of the company must be GM/VP/Director as a sole representative.
  • The invested amount must be in proportion to the company’s size, trading activities, and total turnover.
  • The parent company must be in operation for more than one year to qualify for the sponsorship.
  • The senior employee or Overseas business visa applicant must prove an English language abilities test.

The business representative can apply for the dependents, spouse, and children below 18 years of age to accompany. The spouse can seek legal employment as well and the children will be entitled to education and required health care facilities.

General documents required to apply for a Business Immigration visa UK:

  • In-depth and detailed documentation regarding your business, finance, assets and capital resources is needed for visa approval.
  • Financial documents and bank statements that prove the sources and investments are legal.
  • Letter from the company/employer sponsoring the travel
  • Income tax returns
  • Past 2 years bank statements

Getting UK business and investor visas is a convenient way to establish a new business or enhance an existing business to secure entry abroad. Depending on your business information, Alliance Capital Immigration experts can suggest to you the subcategory for your visa application.

Whether you are an individual or a firm, the Alliance Capital Immigration experts can help you save time and money while applying for a UK visa and immigration.

We deal with both individuals and corporations to live and work in the UK. Depending on your business needs, our experts will guide you throughout the process and ensure your visa application is compliant with the UK immigration legislation.

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