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Travelling to different countries is easy with a tourist visa. People who travel with a visitor visa face no restrictions inside the country. Also known as a Non-immigration visa, this visa is granted to individuals who wish to travel abroad on a temporary basis (either business or pleasure).

If you want to travel to your dream country with your family or friends. Alliance Capital Immigration can help you. In order to obtain a tourist Visa, the following documents are necessary & documents must be submitted at the embassy. All the documents are an important & integral part of the process. Each Country has different document requirements but most of them have common documents

Get Ready to Fly on a Visitor Visa

Tourist Visa Requirements

  • Anyone applying for a tourist visa must have a valid passport with at least six months remaining before it expires.
  • The applicant must be able to prove the affordability to visit and plan to return home after the stay.
  • Also, the applicant must prove the purpose of the trip, whether for business, pleasure, or medical treatment.

Anyone who desires to visit the US for business activities such as meetings, conferences, or consultations, apply for a B1 Visa. On the other hand, individuals planning the visit for pleasure activities such as tourism, recreational activities, visiting friends/relatives, may apply for a B2 visa.  The visitor visa (B-2) is granted for 3 months to a full tenure of 10 years.

Depending on the purpose of travel and supporting documents, the Alliance Capital Immigration can help you decide the type of visa.

The processing time varies depending on the type of visa and destination. It is possible to process the tourist and business visa applications within two weeks to a few days. However, visa expediting service can be accomplished as quickly as the same day or the next day.

Irrespective of the visa that you get, the applicants will not be permitted to stay on for over 6 months at any point. Also, during this tenure, you will not be allowed to take on any employment irrespective of whether it is part-time or full-time, because the visitor visa does not grant legal authorization to work.

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Tourist Visa Fees

Application fees for a tourist visa are not refundable for any reason and it varies from country to country.

Documents required for Tourist Visa:

  • Original valid passport
  • 2 passport-size photographs
  • Employment proof and bank statements
  • Income tax returns
  • Financial documents and Proof of funds
  • NOC for government employees
  • Marriage certificate (if applicable)
  • 6 months bank statements with sufficient funds

Most visitor visa application forms are short, asking only basic personal and travel information. The  tourist visa application form can usually be downloaded in PDF format from the embassy or consulate website.

Who Can Sponsor Your Trip?

Anyone living abroad, with citizenship or a permanent residency can sponsor a visa for parents, relatives, and friends. The sponsor must provide an affidavit of support, which is a confirmation that the sponsor is ready to undertake the financial liability of the applicant during the visit.

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If you have relatives living abroad, or you would like to travel solo, the key is to know what type of visa you must apply for, the essential documents you must have, and more importantly the purpose of your visit.

To increase the chances of getting your online visa application, enlist the services of our experts to guide you with this endeavour.

Whether you need to get the documentation done in order or need someone to consult, Alliance Capital Immigration can help.

Besides documents and other proofs, our assistance would facilitate your application in every aspect.

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