Portugal Golden Visa- Residency Program by Investment

Portugal Golden Visa- Residency Program by Investment

About Portugal

Among all the quintessential geographical boundaries on land, Portugal is a place that is famous for its food, beaches, and of course, Ronaldo! Being one of the oldest countries in Europe, Portugal is a place that is nothing less than a visual delight.

It is known as the land of dolphins with the largest artificial underwater park and how can anyone forget the irresistible Port wine! Well, starting from the most exquisite wine to the favourable climate, everything can be compelling enough for you to get a citizenship of Portugal from Dubai.

The economy of the nation is on a constant growth. This serves as a estination to enhanced trades, economy and communication.

Am I Eligible for Portugal Golden Visa?

Here are the requirements sought:

  • Providing proof of the origin of the investment fund from abroad
  • Must not hold a criminal record
  • Payment of fees where required
  • Exceed the minimum stay requirement
  • Any person above the age of 18 or below can get Portugal residency. If you are 18, then you can get the visa as a student, but if you are not, then you can get it with any other principal applicant who is above that age bar and justify your relation with him.

Investment Options

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Real Estate Investment:

  • Anyone who buy a property /makes a real estate investment of Euro 500,000 . Investment can be new or old ,also property can be located in Urban or rural area.
  • Anyone who buy a property / makes a real estate investment or Euro 350,000 or properties more than 30 years old or located in urban areas.

Advantages of Portugal Permanent Residency

There is a multitude of benefits for obtaining Portugal Citizenship, and some of these are described below:

  • For one, if you are the immigration permit holder, then you get the right to live in Portugal under the Portugal residency program.
  • You can bring your whole family along with you, including your children and parents.
  • If you abide by the rule and maintain the investment on minimum stay, then the country can also grant you a permanent residency under the law of Portugal citizenship.
  • In addition, if you have Portugal residency by investment, then you also get the luxury of free travel from Portugal to any of the Schengen countries without a visa
  • There is no stay obligation which means that you can live in Portugal for a minimum of 7days in a year and owing to this you can also claim additional economic benefits along with rent on your property.

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