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Study Visa Canada!

Getting a degree in any of the Canadian colleges and universities is a privilege, especially for foreign students. A Canadian degree, diploma, or certificate is accepted internationally. By providing a golden opportunity to study in a safe and friendly environment, Canada offers a quality education at affordable tuition rates.

A Safe Place to Study!

In the current scenario, the best and most wonderful destination to study, work, and settle in is Canada! With the lowest crime rates in the world, Canada is considered a relatively peaceful, safe, and disciplined country. This is why Canada continues to attract high volumes of students worldwide. Those who wish to take academic training at a college or University will need a study permit to enter Canada.

After getting a student visa Canada, the international students will be able to make the most of the enriching quality education, get the desired job, and enjoy the highest standard of living.

The dependents of the applicant can also accompany them to Canada on a visit visa with an opportunity to get a work permit and secure a job. Your children can also accompany you, if older than 5 years then they need to be enrolled in a Canadian school. Thus the study visa consultants offer an ideal opportunity to not only to get a top-notch education for yourself but also for your children.

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Tuition fees

The annual fee is around 14000-16000 Canadian dollar approximately that varies from institution to institution. To make the process hassle free for foreign students separate visa office has been allocated in many universities to pay for the study visa once he /she reaches the required educational qualification. For any reason if the visa didn’t get approved the paid amount would be refunded with a nominal deduction.

Part-time work

Keeping the financial trouble that some students might face, 20 hours off -campus part time work each week is permissible for all students. On average 12-14 dollar is generally paid for an hour for part-time works which sums to approximately 11000 Canadian dollars yearly.

Jobs and Employment

While studying in Canada, the students can work ON campus without needing a work permit. However, the work permit allows the students to not only work OFF campus part-time while studying but also allows you to work full time during your vacations.

Once your course gets completed from a college or university, the students can apply for a Post-graduation work permit program. The student visa Canada from Dubai allows the students to gain valuable work experience in Canada for a duration equivalent to the study period but it cannot be more than 3 years.

Canada is in utmost need for skilled workers in the field of Engineering, Management Studies, Travel and Tourism, Fashion, Nursing and health science, Mass communication, Architecture Studies and many more. The salary and extra aid provided are quite decent to keep up the standard of living.

Canadian Education System

In Canada, there are both publicly funded and private schools including community colleges, career colleges, secondary schools, and universities. While choosing the school, tuition fees are a primary influence on many students, for others, location and climate are the primary aspects.

When it comes to student visa for Canada processing time, the study visa consultants help determine strict timelines to ensure the highest probability of receiving a successful visa. Their industry-experience helps them find the smallest of omissions that can delay the entire immigration process.

How to apply for a Canadian study visa?

If you are an international student and want to study in Canada from Dubai, you may need a temporary resident visa and a study permit. To begin the process, IELTS is an essential requirement for students.

Documents required to study in Canada include:
  • Original passport
  • Two recent passport size photographs
  • TOEFL/IELTS score
  • Canada visa application form
  • Bank statements of a Non-refundable visa application fee
  • Letter of acceptance from the University
  • Work Experience Certificates (if applicable)
  • Academic mark sheets and certificates
The Canadian Experience Class

The Program has been designed specifically to accommodate foreign students and professionals alike who desire to study and work in Canada permanently. Canadian Experience Class states that once you have graduated from an authorized Canadian institution, have one-year work experience then you are eligible to apply for permanent residency.

Getting Your Visa to Study in Canada

At Alliance Capital Immigration, we help students get their Canadian study visas easily. Considering the qualification, and preferences of the student, we short-list the best possible universities. With the wide experience and knowledge of the immigration industry, our services ensure to fetch you the desired results with your application. Contact Us!