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Turkey as a residence or Second Passport Option:

Known as the land of the crescent moon, Turkey isn’t just a geographical mass that is confined within boundaries.

  •  It is a perfect blend of the most occidental eastern nations and most oriental western nations.
  •  From countless bazaars and fantastic architecture of the Islamic Middle East to pristine Mediterranean beaches, mystique treasures, and mouth-watering cuisines within a diverse culture, Turkey can be one experience of a lifetime for you. Imagine living there! Won’t each day be as perfect as a holiday?
  •  The best part is that if you plan to invest a part of your fortune in the country’s economy, then you are eligible for earning its Citizenship.

Obtaining the Citizenship of Turkey by Investment program

Since the year 2018, when Turkey’s Citizenship laws cut the cost of the investment to nearly four times, Turkey has become the most sought-after choice among the Investment migration countries. A lot of people find it more attractive and affordable.

Who is eligible for Turkey Citizenship by investment?

Potential Investors, underage children and the spouse of the applicants are eligible for availing the citizenship in Turkey.

How to get Turkey Citizenship by Investment?

You need to invest the least amount of 250,000 USD in real estate. Or you need to invest 500,000 USD in Turkish manufacturing or business and in Turkish banks differently. You can even choose to provide employment to a minimum of 50 people.
Perks of Turkey Citizenship through investment and permanent residency program
To be very precise, there are many benefits of investing in Turkey Citizenship through the investment program. Some of these are described below. Dive through them!

  •  All investments are made in US Dollars, so you don’t have to suffer from the hassle of using the local currency. Above all, for both business structuring and for the investors, the business is hugely beneficial because of the generous government programs that support business and low tax rates.
  •  You can travel to a multitude of countries like Brazil, Hong Kong, Thailand, and much more without a visa. With the primary investor, family members can also obtain Citizenship at the very same time.
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