Study In Europe

Study in Europe!

Getting a higher education in Europe can be a great achievement and a life-changing experience. Those who cannot afford to pay high costs and other higher requirements study overseas, it is a good option to study in Europe. Unlike Canada and Australia, many European countries offer quality yet cost-effective education to international students. The students who want to complete their Bachelor’s, Master’s or Ph.D. in any stream can choose from the different courses available in different universities and institutions.

Why choose to study in Europe?

  • A friendly and safe environment
  • English speaking country
  • Extensive choice of courses
  • Easy European study visa
  • Globally recognized qualifications
  • Global Business Hub
  • Access to scholarships and free education.
  • Growth aspects for researchers

Studying and living in Europe gives the wonderful opportunity to the students to explore and gain knowledge. Whether you choose to go for a master’s degree or Ph.D. course in Europe, the tuition fee is quite cheaper than in other countries like the USA and UK.

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Different Visa Choices in Europe

  • Europe Schengen Visa

A Schengen visa is a temporary student visa for foreign students who wish to study in a Schengen country. Initially, this visa is granted for three months, however, it can be extended once it expires. To apply for the Schengen visa, students may apply without IELTS or other language requirements if the institution does not need it.

  • Long-stay visa

Those who applied to courses or programs longer than six months can apply for a long-stay visa.

The international students will also get a residency permit along with this visa.

  • Student visa

Students with a valid offer admission letter from a certified institution can apply for a student visa. In accordance with the terms and conditions of a certain course or program in a university, international students are permitted to stay in the country.

Europe study visa requirements:

  • Valid passport
  • All educational credentials
  • Signed application forms
  • Medical reports
  • Proof of sufficient financial means of support
  • Copy of itinerary and confirmed reservation

Job Opportunities in Europe

Students who opt for a study visa Europe will come across several opportunities. Not only, the international students will be able to grasp high-quality expertise in their specific sphere of education, but also get the chance to earn there. Some European countries permit international students to work for a stipulated number of hours while completing their studies. The number of hours for which an international student can work varies by country.

However, students with this permit can only work part-time, not full-time.

Once students complete their graduation or post-graduation degree can apply for a temporary residence or a work permit. The Country offers good employment opportunities for graduates. The maximum processing time for European student visas is 90 days. If the processing time goes beyond, it is suggested to contact the visa office to figure out what happened with your application.

Dream education in Europe with Alliance Capital Immigration!

If you seek a beautiful country with courteous and friendly people for your study abroad, then a study in Europe is the most viable option. The high-quality, innovative education system and research work in Europe make it a perfect choice for the students in the global scenario.

At Alliance Capital Immigration, we help students first understand the European education system and then apply to European universities. Our professional