Reason to choose Antigua & Barbuda for your citizenship program:

Being a part of the Sovereign Commonwealth Country, Antigua and Barbuda are comprised of two beautiful tropical islands, surrounded by chain of comparatively smaller islands. The place has gained popularity because of its scrumptious beaches, located in the Eastern Caribbean. Antigua and Barbuda are not only associated with the United Nations but are also part of the British Commonwealth along with various other international organizations.

Citizenship by investment ventures:

 Acknowledge National Development Fund or NDF

The government of Antigua and Barbuda have introduced an unremunerative fund in the year 2006 as a support system delivering services to non-profits in segments like education, environmental development, healthcare, youth development or promotion of culture and sports.

National Development Fund is a unique manifesto helping venture capitalists opt for citizenship by investment plan. A minimal charge of around USD 1,00,000 is to be paid one time for per application to be a part of the citizenship program.

Real Estate: Another type of citizenship under Citizenship by Investment Program

The real estate investment is one of the most preferred routes to obtain Second Passport .Procurement of property in Antigua and Barbuda is another superlative citizenship plan by the government to entice investors of foreign countries. The government offers an eligible prospect to the investors to buy a legally approved property by paying an amount of about USD 4,00,000 exclusive of due diligence fees and processing charges. A family of four need to pay USD 50,000 as processing fee and an amount of USD 15,000 is levied for each additional member.

A joint investment plan is also available, where each investor has to invest USD 2,00,000 with a Government approved real estate development to qualify under this scheme. A property once purchased cannot be sold until 5 years is the only condition applicable to this initiative.

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  • • Citizenship for a lifetime: By enrolling to any of the above-mentioned government programs, one can secure lifetime citizenship of Antigua and Barbuda.
  •  Travel without Visa: A visa-free travel facility applies to the passport holders of Antigua and Barbuda to approximately 130 countries that include Canada, U.K, Singapore, Europe, Hong Kong, and other countries of the Schengen area.
  • Zero tax: Antigua & Barbuda offer tax exemptions on global income, gifts, wealth or capital gains.
  • No interview and need for physical presence: The citizenship program is free from travel and interview to complete the application process.
  •  Negligible stay requirement: Only 5 days of stay period is required in the entire span of the first 5 years of the venture program while maintaining the investment.
  •  Air links: The nation is an amazing place to be with splendid air links in Europe and America.
  •  No tax for worldwide income: There is no tax imposed on an individual making money through the world wide sources.

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