Malta citizenship Program

Malta citizenship Program

Settling in Malta can be a happy experience

Settling in a joyous and prosperous environment is always one of the prioritized concerns of the immigrants. And being in Malta is more of a bliss. Malta is one of the most respected investment citizenship programs which has its way out of any harm.
There are limitless advantages of having a European Union citizenship. If one holds a Maltese passport, then he can be the citizen of all the British Commonwealth nations. Malta Island is geographically situated between Sicily and the North African coast.
This even the center of the commercial, cultural as well as administrative operations. The largest Island is known well for the historic sites situated there.

How’s Malta in the worldly affairs?

Malta is one of the commonwealth nations and is a member of the European Union since the year 2004. Malta has been placed as one of the functionally important nations of Europe because of the monetary and political stability prevailing there. The economic growth has been consistently observed in the nation and was 5.1% in the year 2015.
A glance into the investment strategy

Few investment is legit when you are seeking Malta’s citizenship. €650,000 for the principal applicant, €25,000 for the spouse, €25,000 for the dependents between the age of 0-17 years, €50,000 for the dependents between the age of 18-26 years and €50,000 for each of the dependents of the age of 55 years or above.

Some other refundable fees are €150,000 for the government bond investment for a minimum of 5 years. €500 for the passport fees of a person, €200 as the bank charge for the application and €7,500 for the principal applicant. More Info Click Here.

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Fees of citizenships of the dependents: €5,000 for the spouse, €3,000 for the dependents of the children aged between 0-17 years. €5,000 for the dependents of the adults aged between 18-26 years, €5000 for the dependents aged between 55 years or above. €70,000 for the principal applicants and €5,000 for the dependents of all age groups

What are the ultimate takeaways of availing Malta citizenship?
The advantages of the citizenship of Malta are numerous. Some of the majorly observable ones are discussed here

The citizenship program will expose you to no delay. You can receive lifetime citizenship for all the members of your family. Above all, the registration fee is quite slashed and the registration for staying in Malta is nil.

Few countries like the USA, Canada, Australia, and other countries will not require you a Visa for travel. Citizen of Malta residing there for less than 183 days and earn money outside the nation are liberate from the tax obligations regarding the government functioning.

You can avail the fullest rights equivalent to the rights of the European residents accompanies by the political, economic and social stability
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You will have to invest a certain amount to avail Malta’s citizenship.
€650,000 for the donation to the national development and social fund (NDSF), €150,000 as a minimum investment in the stocks to avail identification by identity Malta, €350,000 for acquiring real estate with the minimum value for the maximum period of 5 years, €16,000 for having ownership over the residential real estate in Malta for 5 years and €50,000 for acquiring health insurance coverage across the globe for all the applicants.