Get St. Lucia Citizenship in Just 4 months in Just $ 100,000

St.Lucia on being the nation of happy vibes:

St. Lucia is the beauty queen of the Caribbean. St. Lucia is the epitome of heaven for those people who have a fascinating soft corner for small fishing villages, rainforests, crescent-shaped beaches, and lush mountains that look divine and serene. With a rich diversity of corals and rustling palms, St. Lucia is undoubtedly a popular destination for everyone who wants to make a career in the hospitality sector or something more fascinating.

Process of availing St. Lucia citizenship by investment program

If you have made up your mind for St. Lucia Citizenship, then you can go through the following four alternatives.

Contribution towards the National Economic Fund (NFF)
Established under section 33 of St Economic Diversification Fund, the grant of NEF for St. Lucia’s Citizenship

  • The single applicant sum is USD 100,000, which is non-refundable.
  • For a family up to four members, the investment amount should be at least USD 125,000
  • For every additional dependant, the amount payable in the NEF fund shouldn’t be less than USD 15,000.
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Real Estate Investment

Citizens can also obtain Citizenship through real estate investment in St. Lucia under the category and eligibility.

  • The Real Estate investment for the applicant is USD 400,000 in a government approved project .However , two applicants from related parties can still make a joint investment, in other words , Each person would invest USD 200,000 to qualify under Real estate option.

The Government Fees are given below :-

  • Single Applicant – USD 50,000
  •  Family Upto 4 Dependents – USD 50,000
  •  Additional Dependent- USD 15,000

In addition to the government fees, The applicant and dependents are asked to pay due diligence and other related fee.

Advantages of St. Lucia Citizenship Investment Program</4>

There are many advantages to choosing the St. Lucia Citizenship Investment Program.

  •  You don’t need any sort of stay requirement as, by the investment program, there aren’t any particular residency requirement under Dominica Citizenship.
  • For one, you get the benefit of dual Citizenship that the St Lucian Law allows. So you can be a part of either of the countries that you choose.
  • There is no formality of age, education, or language for citizenship purposes, plus you also get the chance to live and work under the Dominica Citizenship if you are a potential investor for the country’s economy.
  • Besides that, there is a stable environment in St Lucia about which most people just dream of. Fewer people know that St. Lucia is a part of prestigious communities such as CARICOM, OECS, and a huge member of commonwealth nations, which makes it a privilege for people to stay in the country.
  • You get the chance of free traveling if you have investment citizenship for St. Lucia. You can travel visa-free with your family to 121 countries, including the Schengen area if you have the nationality of St. Lucia.

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