About Vanuatu

  •  This is an amazing place that is comprised of 80 islands.
  •  The natural features including the beautiful deserted places, exotic islands, coral reefs, etc. make it one of the most adventurous places to stay in that can offer you with gushing adrenaline rush thrills time and again.
    Knowing about the amount of contribution:
    The application cost for a single applicant: $130,000, application cost for applicant with spouse: $1,50,000, the application cost for applicants with spouse and under-ages children: $ 1,65,000 .
    Knowing more about Vanuatu citizenship by investment program:
  • This program came into existence in the year 2016 and was enforced in the year 2017.
  •  The idea of this program is to make the applicants contribute to the overall development of the nation by paying few taxation and citizenship is the return offered to the applicants.

Takeaways of Vanuatu citizenship?

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Getting Passport to Vanuatu offers endless benefits. Some of the major ones are enlisted as follows:

  •  There are no such formal requirements of Vanuatu citizenship like those of the age, language, education and other such things.
  • The investors can avail of a Vanuatu passport within a maximum of 7 to 8 weeks making it the easiest citizenship program.
  •  Under the Vanuatu citizenship by the investment program, the applicants cannot just stay in the place but can even pay visits as well.
  •  Minimal taxation is always one of the best takeaways for applicants. No taxation would be charged for the inheritance, capital gain or any sort of foreign income.
  •  Free travel is one of the major fringe benefits that is noted in this citizenship. The applicant and his or her family members can even avail of the opportunity of free travel around 129 countries across the globe. Some of them are EU, Ireland, UK, Russia, Singapore, Hong Kong as well as other commonwealth countries.
    Why choose Alliance Capital Immigration?
  • The Alliance Capital Immigration are a team with skillful individuals extending the most easily available immigration and citizenship services.
  •  They possess huge experience in the background which makes them the best team to rely on looking forward to meet the needful.