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Business Immigration Visa Canada

Canada business and investment immigration is offered by the Federal Govt. and by many provinces. Quebec, Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Northwest Territories, Prince Edward Island, British Columbia, all feature the Canada business visa to those who wish to open or invest in an existing business in Canada.

Who Can Apply for a Canada Business or Immigration Visa?

If you are an entrepreneur with relevant business experience or managerial experience, The Canada Business or Investor immigration visa could be for you. The individuals who hold the potential to boost the country’s economy can apply for this visa.

Once granted a business immigration visa, the applicants can further apply for a permanent residence visa through the federal or the provincial nomination business programs to establish their business or company in any of the Canadian provinces.

Business Immigration Visa CanadaCanada Business Immigration Visa Types:

Entrepreneur start-up visa program

To qualify for a start-up visa, the business persons must prove funding and support from an authorized Canadian Investment Organization for their unique business proposal. The visa program links entrepreneurs with private sector businesses in Canada. Within one year in Canada, the applicant and their families grant a permanent residence visa.

Immigrant Investor Venture Capital Pilot Program

To invest in Canadian-based companies, the investors must have a net worth of $ 10 million and make a non-guaranteed investment of $ 2 million over 15 years.

Self-Employed Program

To qualify for the self-employed program, the individuals must be able to support themselves and any dependent with self-employed income. The professional experience as a self-employed worker along with the net assets and legal possessions are considered.

Canada Business Immigration through Executive Express Entry!

The executive express entry program invites business owners, senior managers, and entrepreneurs with awarding an extra 200 CRS points for arranged employment in Canada.

How to apply for an executive express entry program?

Establish or buy a business in Canada

To invest in Canadian business, the applicants can:

  • Establish a start-up
  • Buy an operational business
  • Invest at least 33% in operational business
  • Buy a franchise

Apply For a Work Permit

Once you succeed in establishing a Canadian business, the applicants become eligible to apply for a work permit as a business immigrant. The applicants can have different visa options for work permits including Owner-operator LMIA Program, Intra-company transferees or free-trade agreements to apply for.

Operate the business

Once you are granted a foreign worker visa, the applicants will need to operate the business for a specific period before being granted permanent residence. Depending on the business type and work permit type, the operation period may vary.

Apply for Canada Permanent Residence

Once you succeed in establishing an active Canadian business, you can then apply for permanent Canadian residency as the manager of your business.

The applicants must meet the eligibility for the PR status after which the candidate can legally immigrate to Canada. The eligibility criteria is based on the valuation of points based on personal information.

Canada Permanent Residence

1. Language requirements with at least CLB 7.

2. Academic credentials

3. No serious medical issues

4. Bank statements that prove strong financial support

5. A Canadian permanent resident must live in the country for two years out of every five, to avoid the risk of losing status.

How Long Does it Take to Immigrate to Canada?

In regards to employment, medical condition and police verification, there is a lot of screening involved before migrating to Canada. However, the usual time is 6 to 12 months with the help of the express entry program.

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