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Why Should You Choose Dominica?

Dominica is broadly known for being the nature island due to its pristine magnificence. No other island in the Caribbean is as breathtaking as Dominica. It promotes the best living standards in the region. From hiking, diving, lush green mountains, sandy beaches, to vast unspoiled tropical rainforest, Dominica would surely leave you speechless. People can witness the diverse blend of Caribbean, African, French, and English in their culture. Apart from low crime rates, this region is also economically and politically stable.
How to qualify the citizenship in Dominica?

  • A person of outstanding character.
  • Hold no record of criminal acts
  • Have good health condition
  • Have a Basic English knowledge.

Dominica Citizenship through Investment Program

Dominica Citizenship through Investment Programs offers 2 options:

1.Economic Diversification Fund

  • This was established as a component of the national capital mobilization portfolio for the national development of Dominica. The fund is utilized for private as well as public sector projects.
  • The amount of contribution through the Investment Programme for Dominica Citizen by EDF is mentioned in the below list.
  • Single applicant: USD 100,000, which is non-refundable.
  • Main Applicant + Spouse: USD 175,000, which is non-refundable.
  • Main applicant with a maximum of 3 qualifying dependants: USD 200,000, which is non-refundable
  •  Other than a spouse, any qualifying additional dependent: USD 25,000/dependent which is not refundable.
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2. Real Estate Investment

The real estate investment is one of the most important options among investors .People who are opting for Real Estate Investment, the investor program is as follows:

  • Investment Amount – USD 200,000
    Apart from the investor, Investor & dependents are required to pay Fee to the Government such as Due Diligence, Application & Registration Fee, Processing Fee & other related Fees. Fees will vary on number of members in the family .
    The applicants are required to own the Real Estate for at least three years. They might be allowed the opportunity to resell it after five years from the date of purchase.
    Benefits of Dominica Citizenship through Investment Program
  • Avail incentive Packages from the program: the Dominica citizens are entitled to incentive packages such as export allowance, tax relief benefits, 100% exemption from import taxes, and corporate tax incentives.
  • Benefits of currency: the US dollar or USD is pegged at a fixed rate to the East Caribbean dollar or XCD.
  • Having a residency status: the investors under this program are allowed and required to work and live in Dominica
  • Tax imposed is minimal: they offer minimum taxation on capital gain, foreign income, inheritance, gift, and wealth.
  • You can have free travel to other European countries: the investors and their families are allowed to go for a visa-free tour to about 130 countries including Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, the UK, and more
  • There is no formal requirement: the applicants do not need to have a particular education degree, age, or speak a specific language
  • No physical presence of the applicant is sought: the individuals are not required to physically reside in Dominica under this program.
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