A window to have insight to Moldova

Moldova is an eastern European country that is geographically located between Europe and Asia.

  • The varied terrain of its location includes rock, forests, hills, etc. The total number of residents in the place has been totalled to more than 4 million.
  • The nation gained its independence in the year 1991 and became a member of the UN in the year 1992. It again became a member of the European Union in the year 2016.

Digging out more about Moldova citizenship

The MCBI (an abbreviation of Moldava citizenship by investment program) was enforced on the 1st of October in the year 2018. According to that, the applicants will have to make some contributions to the economic development of the country. In return to that, citizenship is offered to the applicant and his family members including the dependents. Few investments for Moldova citizenship are applicants: €100,000, couple: € 115,000, family of four: €145,000, family of five: €155,000
The additional fees:

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Some of the addition fees imposed during the process are

  • The passport fees: € 300 per applicant.
  • Government fee: €5.000. This is a non-refundable fee and there is no restriction imposed on the number of family members.
  • Due diligence fees: € 6.000 for the main applicant and € 5.000 for the additional family members.
    Fringe-benefits of Moldova citizenship
  • Amongst an endless list of advantages of Moldova citizenship, there are few observable ones.
  • Citizenship of the dependents and the family members including spouse and children can be availed in Moldova.
  • No visa will be required for the travel to Schengen countries like Bulgaria, Cyprus, Croatia, Romania, Turkey Russia, and many such other countries across the globe
  • The minimum investment amount is quite low in comparison to all the European countries and the waiting time is the least. The application review is withheld to just 90 days for citizenship immediately after which the passports can be availed.
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