Applying for a visit visa means entering the country for a certain purpose. It might be for a personal visit, as an employee or to visit your friends or relatives. Not everyone needs a visitor visa since foreign citizens are allowed to travel through the state and stay in the country for a while. This is only applicable to some types of visitors from certain countries.

However, applying for a visa is not a simple process and there are stringent visa requirements that need to be met by anyone who wants to apply for a Canadian visitor visa from Dubai.

Many Dubai people consider Canada as an attractive destination to visit. This is mainly because of the fact that Canada offers a good standard of living along with providing a fairly accepting culture. Anyone who desires to migrate from Dubai to Canada must first understand the difference between the countries. They should also be prepared to meet all the visa requirements for migrating to Canada.

At first, you need to decide on the appropriate visa for you, whether it is a single entry or multiple entry visa. The former one gives a one-time entry to Canada, however, the multiple entry visa grants the applicants to make frequent visits within a specific period. Depending on your financial credibility, it is a smart decision to apply for multiple visit visas by providing essential documentary evidence.

The entire cost for a visitor visa depends on whether you are applying for one time or you are planning to return to Canada multiple times.

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Documents Needed to Apply for Canada Visitor Visa from Dubai, UAE

To apply, the candidates must possess a valid passport from the applicable country such as UAE. Additionally, they require 2 passport-sized photographs.  Supporting documents are also important such as the staying plan in the form of an itinerary, and verification of employment. The relevant letters from friends or relatives confirming your stay or your airplane ticket are also needed. Those planning to work in Canada must provide the verification letter from the employer for the position.

There may be additional requirements concerning the country of origin. A few nations require a private interview at the visa office and may additionally ask that you post a clinical exam to ensure good health.

The applicants from the United Kingdom, US, EU, and all British commonwealth Countries do not require a unique visa to visit Canada. Tourists are issued a traveler’s visa on arrival if they satisfy immigration officials that they have legitimate funds for the stay and return ticket.

Visitors can stay up to 6 months, however, to increase the stay, they need to apply to Citizenship and Immigration Canada in Ottawa earlier than the expiration of their authorized visit. As visa regulations can change, it’s sensible to check with the nearest Canadian consulate, embassy, or High commission before leaving your country or buying tickets.

Those under the age of 18 and are travelling unaccompanied by an adult person need a letter of consent from a parent or guardian giving them permission to visit alone. Also, the applicants who plan to stay with friends or relatives should add an invitation letter from their sponsors in the application.

How to apply for a Canada Visitor Visa?

To begin the process, there are a few steps that the applicants should go through that are explained below:

  • Check your eligibility for the visitor visa
  • Make sure to complete all the documents needed to apply.
  • Submit the complete visa application form
  • Provide any additional information if required by the authorities
  • Submit your passport for stamping.

The application fee to apply for a Canadian tourist visa is CAD$100. In case you need to submit the biometrics, you will need to pay an additional CAD$85, which makes it overall CAD$185.

How can Dubai Immigration Consultant help?

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