According to the United Survey and Economist Intelligence, Canada has ranked as one of the top five places to live in the world. Its welcoming environment and natural beauty promote a high standard of living and learning together. 

Attaining a student visa for Canada helps you make the most of the enriching quality education and enjoy a high standard of living.

The academic visa or study permit, issued by Canadian Immigration is a consent letter for foreign students to study in Canada. Without having a valid study visa, foreign students are not allowed to study in Canada.

What are the Documents Required for a Canada Student Visa?

  • Valid passport
  • Two recent passport photos
  • Letter of acceptance from the Canadian college you seek to study in
  • Statement of purpose or letter of explanation
  • Minimum 50% academic score from a UGC or AICTE recognized University.
  • Proof of financial support or Adequate funds to pay tuition fees and living expenses
  • Clean background or no criminal record
  • TOEFL/IELTS score
  • Copies of academic mark sheets and certificates
  • Work experience certificates (if applicable)

How Much Does a Canadian Student Visa Cost?

The education system in Canada has both publicly-funded and private schools including technical institutes, Universities, language schools, community colleges, and summer camps. The entire cost of a Canadian student visa depends on the tuition fees of the college or university applied. However, tuition fees also vary by province and institution. 

Usually, medical and technical courses are more costly than other courses. On average, the tuition fee ranges from CAD 7,000 to CAD 30,000 per year for a foreign student. Whichever course and Canadian university you seek admission to, the entire cost is generally more affordable as compared to other countries around the world.

Benefits of Studying in Canada

Affordable Education

In comparison to the US, UK, Australia, and New Zealand, the accommodation cost and tuition fees are lower. This aspect makes Canada the preferred choice for students applying for the visa.

Safe Communities

As a foreign student in Canada, you can enjoy all of the same facilities and freedom that protect Canadians. The country is stable and peaceful.

Quality Language Education

Canadian colleges cover both French and English language training. Both languages are an integral part of the Canadian education system. To improve fluency and skills in either; language, the applicants can take the language course as their further studies.

Large Employment Prospects

The employment prospects of students are unlimited in the country. After you graduate, international students get an open work permit for up to three years. This allows students to work for any Canadian employer without the requirement of a Canadian job offer letter.

PR Options

By choosing to study in Canada, students will gain points in three areas-education, language, and work experience for immigration streams like Express Entry or PNP streams. This will add points to their CRS score which leads to easy attaining a permanent residency visa.

How Long Does it Take to Get a Canadian Student Visa in the UAE?

Each application is different and this is why the usual Canada visa processing time varies. The actual processing begins only after the Canadian authorities receive your complete application. The minimum estimated processing time is anywhere between 8 weeks to 13 weeks depending on your case and Canada’s academic applications received.

Canada study visa Immigration Consultation and Assistance

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