If you were born outside of Canada and had at least one Canadian citizen as either your biological or legal parent at the time of your birth, you may be eligible for Canadian citizenship. To obtain proof of Canadian citizenship, you can submit an application known as a “Canadian citizenship certificate” to the Canadian government. This certificate, along with the Canadian birth certificate, is one of only two documents accepted by Passport Canada as evidence of Canadian citizenship.

Citizenship by descent limitations:

Canada restricts citizenship by descent to the first generation born outside of Canada or to a Canadian parent. However, you can apply for a Canadian citizenship certificate at any point in your life, regardless of whether your Canadian parent is alive or deceased.

Who requires proof of citizenship?

A Canadian citizenship certificate can be obtained by any Canadian citizen. However, this document is particularly important for individuals born outside of Canada to at least one Canadian citizen parent and for naturalized Canadians.

Naturalized Canadians are individuals who have applied for citizenship, completed the required test, and taken the oath. Although these individuals already possess a Canadian citizenship certificate obtained through the naturalization process, it remains necessary for them.

Benefits of proof of citizenship:

Having proof of citizenship allows you to enjoy all the privileges associated with being a Canadian citizen. These include the right to vote in federal elections, obtaining a social insurance number (SIN), access to universal healthcare, obtaining a driver’s license, and holding one of the world’s most powerful passports.

How to apply for a Canadian citizenship certificate:

To apply for a Canadian citizenship certificate, you need to download the application package from the website of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC). The application fee is $75 CAD.

IRCC requires evidence that at least one of your legal or biological parents at birth was a Canadian citizen. Accepted evidence includes your parent’s birth certificate, Canadian citizenship card, or citizenship certificate.

You can submit the application online through IRCC’s website. Upon receiving your application, IRCC will provide an “acknowledgment of receipt” and proceed with reviewing and processing your file. You can check the status of your application online, as processing times may vary depending on individual circumstances. IRCC may also request additional information or documents.

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