The citizenship programme by Dominica via investment is also known as Dominica Citizenship by Investment program of the Commonwealth of Dominica. This program has been operating since the year 1993 and is also legally associated with the Constitution of Dominica and the citizenship Act of Dominica.

Dominica is formally known as “Nature Island of the Caribbean”, this is so because Dominica is said to have nature’s wealth. It has an extended coastline, is also covered with mysterious rainforests and is also home to Boiling Lake which is the world’s second-largest hot spring.

The dominating sectors of Dominica are tourism and agriculture but Dominica is growing at a very great pace in terms of financial services and also have world banks situated namely Royal Bank of Canada and Scotiabank as a part of operations in the Caribbean. The Dominica Citizenship Program allows individuals to be legal citizens without even living in the country for three to four years. You can take Dominica Citizenship by investment.

Introduction to Investment Programmes

You can get Dominica Citizenship by Investment Dubai with the help of Alliance Capital about immigration. If you are an individual who wants to apply for Dominica Passport from Dubai then you should contact us for getting Dominica Passport in just a few months. To be taken as an eligible applicant, you must be of 18 years of age and meet some of the immigration requirements:

    1.Clean Background

You must have a clean background, which means you must be reputed. To ensure that you are eligible for Dominica citizenship from Dubai, the government of Dominica will make sure that you are a credible individual. This will be done directly from the government as they have a preeminent private investigation agency that will run an all over test for applicants who are higher than 18 years of age. The government is very committed and protective about the country and will only allow someone to be a citizen when they will have no past criminal records and the funds provided have been permitted legally for acquiring Citizenship.

    2. Good Health

For getting approval for having Dominican citizenship by investment, individuals must have an excellent health and should not carry any kind of contagious disease.

   3. Investment

If you want to get Dominican citizenship by investment then you must make a significant economic contribution to government purchase or fund legally approved real estate on the island.

If you want to get the Dominica passport from Dubai for citizenship, you must invest in the following non-refundable monetary contributions such as:

  • USD 120,000for single applicant
  • USD 140,000 for the main applicant and spouse
  • USD 145,000 for Main Applicant, Spouse & one Child
  • USD 150,000 for the main applicant, spouse and 2 children
USD 4000 is added for each dependent above 16 yrs. of age.

Refundable Investment for Dominica Passport is USD 220,000 as a single Investment for all family members (plus Govt. & Legal Fees as Applicable).

How to Apply for Dominica Citizenship by Investment Program

The process of the Dominica Citizen Investment Program from Dubai is not a one-step process. Individuals will have to deal with various processes and here, we can help you. This might get tiresome and you can lose many precious days because of the lengthy process. At Alliance Capital Immigration, we will help you in getting your citizenship process done in a very short time than it will take if you decide to get it done by yourself. All you have to do is contact Alliance Capital Immigration and give all the required details and we will help you in carrying out the process in a very streamlined manner. With us, you will need not have tension about the timeline as we will help you in getting your Dominica Passport from Dubai within a few months a generally it takes more than 3 or 4 months.

Process for Dominica Investment Program

The process that will be followed for Dominica Citizenship by Investment by us is an official process that is suggested by both governments. The process given below will be dealt with in a very streamlined manner thus paving way for fast citizenship.

    1. Preparation

You will have to pass the general diligence checks and will have to engage in the proceeding along with the application. The service agreement by us will have to be signed. Paying to the retailer will be done and you will receive the citizenship application package.

The next thing is to collect all the required documents that are needed for the application, this can be hectic because you might not know about all the documents and hence hiring us will help remove this stress from your side as we will provide you with the list of needed documents.

     2.Very First Payment

Once we will revive the receipt of the application package, we will check it according to the requirements and will make sure everything needed is there.

    3. Processing Time

Once we receive everything that is needed for the application, we will submit it to a legal body that will carry out the diligence test.

     4. Getting the Approval

Once the form is submitted to the Citizen by the Investment Unit, a diligence test will be conducted and the body will give out their approval in three forms and applicants will be informed about the same. The three forms of approval or disapproval will be:

  • Approve
  • Deny
  • Delay for Cause

    5. Making an Investment

We will make sure that your application gets approved by the body and once being approved we will also help you in making all the investments that are required for having the document package.

    6. Citizenship Document Package

Once the investments are made and you are approved of getting citizenship, you will get a Certificate of Naturalization, Permanent Resident Card and Dominica Passport Dubai.

    How can we help?

Alliance Capital Immigration is run by professionals who aim to provide top-notch service for individuals who want to immigrate or are citizens of Dominica from Dubai. We are your best service provider because:

  1. We aim to help you in building a better life in a state that you love. Whatever be your purpose, whether it’s related to business, investment, residency or even for building a new career. We will help you in getting citizenship in a legalized manner.
  2. No one is better in Dominica Citizen from Dubai Roles. We provide services regarding immigration, education, career, settlement and even professional development services.
  3. We guarantee you top-notch quality service that will give you satisfaction and a process that will be highly personalized, safe and covered with integrity. Our process is transparent as we will work in an ethical way thus not charging you more than needed.


Many individuals apply for Dominica citizenship and not every application gets approved but we will make sure that your application gets the approval and you move to your dream state without any trouble. For more info Click Here:- The Best Immigration Company in Dubai can Simplify your Immigration Procedures.

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